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Sandra January 13, 2021

10 Things Only Bird Owners Experience

If you have a bird or a flock of your own at home then I am sure you can relate to a few of these if not all! Our pet birds have unique characteristics, are extremely adorable, very intelligent, and sometimes funny too!

When we first got Mango we had no idea what it was like owning a parrot or what adventures come with it. From Mango’s first flight to all the times he’s pooped in my hair I wouldn’t change it for anything! Having a bird comes with some fun things only bird owners understand. Read on to learn what those are and why our feathered companions are truly part of the family! I always say that my children are my animals!

10. Your bird eats better than you do

That’s right! Mango eats better than we do! Even though we try to eat healthily and stick to our New Year resolutions of “no more salt and vinegar chips” we still cave now and then but not Mango. When it comes to your bird’s food you make them a fresh chop of organic veggies, cooked whole grains, and a variety of sprouted beans. They even have a designated section in the fridge/freezer for their whole foods.

Mango eats this chop every day along with healthy fruit snacks or veggie kabobs along with organic raw nuts for treats. I also buy him the best organic pellets I can find on the market. He is eating better than we do and making the healthiest choices!

9. You talk to your bird all the time

This is normal, you talk with your bird and perhaps they know your biggest secrets too and they will never tell. You tell them sweet nothings of how cute they are, how much you love, and how gorgeous their colours are looking. From time to time you even sing to your bird or with your bird! You talk more to your bird daily than you talk to your best friends or family members and let’s face it they are great listeners, not opinionated, and very supportive. If your bird can say a few words it makes the conversations even better (see also cuter).

8. There’s bird poop everywhere and it doesn’t phase you

Most people would get disgusted and freak out if a bird pooped on them. They run to clean themselves off and maybe even jump in the shower then change their whole outfit. Not us we have adapted to poop all over the house, poop on the floor, poop on our shoulders, poop on new shirts, poop on the counter, poop here, there, everywhere. We have systems in place for the poops too! We have special placements for the floor where they poop and bird stands with trays on the bottom. Poop on the shoulder? Don’t fret there's a napkin for that. Poop in my hair? I'll just rinse it out.

7. Your bird has more toys than a child

Our birds have more toys than we can count and it's no secret that bird toys are not cheap. But we are willing to spend the money even though they destroy them all anyway! There are toys in their cage, toys on the bird stand, toys for their travel carriers, and extra toys for rotating or replacing the destroyed ones. We can’t resist cute, natural, and safe toys for our birds. Speaking of toys get 15% off yours from Planet Pleasures with MANGO15.

6. You shower with your bird

Most people love their showers, it's a private time to wash away the stress from the day and reflect or practice gratitude. Not for bird owners, your feathered friend joins you and loves to splash and splash. Parrots love bathing in the shower it’s like a waterfall for them. Instead, you probably tell your bird about your day and maybe even have a duet together!

5. Your bird's cage is a palace

You’ve got a comfy home with adequate space for you, your family, and your dog but your bird's cage? It’s not a cage, it’s a condo or better yet it’s a palace. It’s decked out with the top of line perches, food bowls, and toys galore. It gets cleaned daily and you cater to your birds every call. You change their food and freshen their water a times day. We make sure to make them feel like royal birds.

4. Your bird destroys more things than your dog does

Dogs get all the heat when it comes to destroyed furniture and who ate the kid's homework. But the reality is our feathered friends will not only chew but DESTROY whatever they can get their little beaks on. Lambo is an angel, the only thing he’s ever chewed is a slipper whereas Mango would love to destroy everything from Lambo’s toys to dad’s Lego creator cars — and that’s a big no-no.

3. Your bird is a better dancer than you

It doesn’t take much to get your bird to show off their best moves, just turn up the beat! They can show you how to get down and do the twist or rock out. Us on the other hand? It takes a few glasses of liquid courage or a bottle of wine to do the Macarena or show your best DAB.

2. You have a quiet room so your bird can’t interrupt zoom calls OR Your bird has their OWN room

Somehow every time we get on a call or a zoom call Mango likes to squawk, laugh, sing, and mimic sounds. We find the quietest room to take these calls or lucky for us we can go outside in the tropical heat with a natural background for zoom. Alternatively, your bird has their own room they can go hang out in until the call is done. Mango is fortunate enough to have his own room and loves to hang out on his window perches and bird watch, look at the nature blossoming out his window or watch the rain or a rainy day.

1. You love them more than yourself

Nothing warms your heart like your birdie and you love them more than anything else in the world. You would do anything for them and you give them everything you can so they can live their best life. You work to pay for bird toys, bird food, nuts and seeds, bigger aviaries, perches, etc. You wouldn’t have it any other way because even though they like to nibble your ear lobes or chomp on your fingers you love them more than words can say.