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Pet Sitter Guide for Birds

Keep your pets safe and happy while you're away with our printable Pet Sitter Checklist! This handy guide includes everything your pet sitter needs to know, from your pet's daily schedule to important contact and vet information.


Pet Sitter Guide for Dogs

This guide will help ensure you don't forget anything and that your furry friends receive the best care while you're out of town!


Parrot Nutrition Guide

Unlock the secrets of a healthy and happy parrot with this guide! Learn about the foods your feathered friend needs for a balanced diet, and get tips on feeding, food safety, and more!



Fun Games for Birds

Tweet your bird's feathers with our guide to Foraging Bird Games! Discover how to keep your feathered friend happy and engaged with games that tap into their natural foraging behaviour. From puzzle feeders to treasure hunts!

Easy Games for Dogs

Fetch fun and mental stimulation for your furry friend with our guide to Foraging Dog Games! Unleash your dog's inner detective and keep them entertained with games that cater to their natural instincts.

Safe Cleaning Solutions for Pets

Discover safe and effective cleaning solutions for pet owners. This ebook provides practical tips and natural alternatives to keep your home clean while protecting your beloved dogs and birds. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals!

My Birb's Weekly Planner Spring Edition

Parrot Planner: Stay organized with your parrot's needs with this printable daily/weekly planner page! From training goals and meal plans to shopping lists and vet visits, this handy tool helps you stay on top of your parrot's care and development.

My Dog's Weekly Planner in Turquoise Blue

Doggie Planner: Keep your pup's life on track with this printable daily/weekly planner page! From training goals and meal plans to grooming appointments and playdates, this handy tool helps you stay organized!

Healthy Treats for Parrots

Indulge your parrot with nutritious treats! Discover a variety of healthy options to keep your feathered friend happy and thriving. Learn about the best fruits, nuts, and more in this essential guide to parrot snacking.

Pawtection for Pups

Keep your furry friend's paws safe and sound! Explore essential tips to protect your dog's paws in our informative guide. From hot pavement to harsh weather conditions, discover practical ways to safeguard their sensitive pads.

Components of a Healthy Bird Chop

Learn how to create a balanced and tasty bird chop that meets your bird's dietary needs with the TOP 5 components you need to include. Elevate their nutrition and mealtime enjoyment with bird chop preparation.

Safe & Cheap Toy Materials for Birds

Discover safe and budget-friendly toy materials for your feathered friend in our insightful guide! Explore a range of affordable options that provide mental stimulation and exercise for your avian companion.


🦜 Join the Feathered Fun with Parrot Bingo! 🎉 You can use on social media and tag your #birdiebesties or even print it and play with your besties! Let the fun begin!

Safe Food List for Parrots

Ensure a healthy diet for your parrot by offering a variety of safe foods. By incorporating these wholesome & safe choices into their meals, you can provide your feathered friend with a well-rounded and nutritious diet.🥦

My Birb's Weekly Planner Summer Edition

Parrot Planner: Stay organized with your parrot's needs with this printable daily/weekly planner page! From Monday-Friday with a fun summer theme :)

Top Tips + Journal Page

My top 3 tips for your feathered besties with resources and a printable journal page for logging behaviours.