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Sandra February 21, 2021

Birdie Travel Trail Mix - The Perfect Fix!

Offering your bird a bowl of fresh chop when travelling might be difficult. When travelling it's not always possible to provide fresh veggies, grains and legumes for our birds. Although some fresh fruit is a good option to keep them hydrated and well-fed like apples, oranges or grapes. I have created a trail mix that’s perfect for travel! It's only 5 ingredients, it’s quick and easy to make plus it’s filled with good quality nutrients to keep their bellies full and feeling good. Scroll to the bottom for the video on how I make it!

Birdie Travel Trail Mix

  1. High-quality pellets
  2. Sprayed millet pieces
  3. Crushed almonds
  4. Cashew chunks (from no more than 1 cashew - depending on bird size)
  5. Dry whole grain pasta

Travel Chop Directions

  1. Mix all ingredients in a travel birdie bowl.
  2. Serve to your birdie during travel or on-the-go.
  3. Save extras in a Tupperware or ziplock.

When travelling we want to make it easy to stick to a nutritious diet that our birdies know and love. Pellets should be part of our bird's everyday diet in correct portions. You want to choose a high-quality, organic, healthy pellet for your bird to ensure it is nutritious and good for their health! Sprayed millet is a low-calorie snack and will keep them busy and happy munching away. Nuts and seeds should be fed in moderation and usually used as treats. But in this case, I think it's fair to treat our birds during travel, for being such good birdies and to give them a few healthy fats to ensure they eat enough and are not hungry. Lastly, pasta is a grain that is usually included in our fresh chop every day. Since pasta can be offered cooked or dry to your parrot, including dry pasta gives them a bonus crunch in this trail mix and it won’t spoil!

Safe travels!