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Sandra September 23, 2021

Clipping Bird's Wings, There Are Only Cons  

The main reason why owners choose to clip their parrot’s wings is to prevent them from flying away. There are so many sad stories of birds who've flown away and don’t always come back.

What is Wing Clipping?

Wing clipping is the trimming of your bird’s flight feathers to limit its ability to fly.
 If you are worried or fearful of your pet parrot flying away, you should address all the issues in why they could fly away. You want to make sure that your windows and doors are always closed when your parrot has out-of-the-cage time. Make sure that you have safety proof of your home for your parrots - more on safe vs toxic home products here. 

I personally do not recommend or agree with wing clipping. What we are truly doing is taking something away from a bird that makes them a bird, FLIGHT!

If you don’t want a pet that flies or could fly away then I recommend a dog! They are the most loyal and sweet companions as well. 

In this case, the cons outweigh any pro you can find on the internet. 

The Cons

Con #1: When a parrot has its wings clipped, it won't be able to exercise as much. Sure, they can still flutter a couple of feet into the air, but they can’t fly around therefore, their muscles may grow weak. If they are clipped when they are young they may never develop certain chest muscles that are important for their health and well-being. 

Con #2: Because there is a lack of exercise they become more prone to obesity and that leads to a variety of other health problems.

Con #3: Birds can become psychologically and emotionally distressed or even depressed without the ability to fly. They can also become self-destructive and start plucking their own feathers out of frustration. 

Con #4: Not everyone knows how to clip wings and when not done properly a blood vessel can be cut and this can cause your bird a lot of pain. Are love and pain in the same category? No! If you love your bird don’t clip their wings. 

Con #5: Improperly clipped wings can lead to injuries as the bird falls or lands too heavily when it attempts to fly. Instinct will still drive the bird to attempt it at times and the failure can have serious negative consequences.

 Even with properly clipped wings, a bird can still fly for a limited distance. They can still get outside and then do not have their natural defences and are more easily attacked by predators. The inability to fly also poses problems in your home if there are other pets present that may stalk your bird. The benefits of flying for their exercise and mental stimulation outweigh any reasons why a bird’s wings should be clipped.