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Sandra February 25, 2021

Road Trips With A Dog And A Bird

The gang is heading to Bangkok! Long road trips require a little more planning and packing than short trips. Lambo has been on numerous car rides, and he loves them! Nothing more Lambo loves than his fluffy ears in the wind of the passenger seat. Mango on the other hand has been on fewer car rides but also enjoys them. Some pets might have anxiety about riding in cars so you may have to train them and show them that it's a positive experience. Whether you are going to the vet, the park or a long adventure these tips will help your pets feel at ease. 

If you know your pets are up for a long road trip then let the adventures begin! If your dog has not adjusted to the car rides, then a longer road trip is not a good option. If you have to bring your dog for a long car ride, ask your vet about anti-anxiety medications or other solutions that can make the trip a bit easier for everyone. Before you travel with dogs or birds, make sure to research your route and find plenty of pet-friendly accommodations and activities along the way. 

Get your pets used to car rides by taking short trips and making a positive experience like going somewhere they enjoy. Allow them to sit in the car without driving anywhere and get used to the car. Always keep the car well ventilated and never leave them alone in a closed car especially with the windows up. This can be very dangerous for your pets. Word of caution, make sure to supervise your dog if they put their head out the window, this can be unsafe.


Longer road trips will require more planning and a little bit of packing!

  1. Plan rest stops every 3-4 hours. This is for everyone, you get to stretch your legs and take your dog for a walk. This allows your dog to relieve himself, and get a little exercise. You can also bring your parrot out in their travel carrier for a few minutes to get some fresh air. 
  2. Make a list of several veterinary hospitals that are easily accessible from your route and check that they will be open during your travel. JUST IN CASE. 
  3. Bring a pet first aid kit, also JUST IN CASE.
  4. Find some parks on your route to exercise your dog and give your pets a change of scenery and some fresh air - sometimes road trips can get long and boring! 
  5. You’ll also want to pack anything you need to make the car better equipped for road trips with dogs like a car seat cover, dog seat belt, or dog car barrier.
  6. Try to stick to your pet’s routine diet as much as possible and avoid rich, fatty foods.
  7. Don’t forget to pack a few important things:

  • Harness
  • Leash
  • Collapsible food and water bowl
  • Toys
  • Blanket or doggy bed 
  • Treats 
  • Poop bags 
  • Dry food (kibble)
  • Wet food (cans or packets)
  • Water bottle
  • Medications, if applicable 
  • Medical records/pet passport 
  • Dog first aid kit
  • Dog ID tags with your contact information
  • Mini cooler with some fresh food or snacks like cooked chicken or fresh blueberries 
  • Natural stress relief/anxiety remedies 
It’s important to make sure your dog is getting plenty of movement like walks during long car rides with plenty of rest as well, and water. 

Talk to your vet to make sure vaccinations are up to date and taking precautionary measures for other things like heartworm, ticks, and fleas. 


  • Big enough carrier 
  • Toys in their travel carrier
  • Water bowl with water halfway to avoid spilling or ice so it melts gradually (have extra water on hand)
  • Food bowl with our Birdie Travel Trail Mix or fresh chop that will need to be removed after a couple of hours if not eaten.
  • Make sure their travel carrier has a perch or 2 or 3 (depending on how big it is)
  • Treats 
  • Pellets
  • Water bottle 
  • Medical records/pet passport 
  • BONUS: bring a foraging toy to entertain and keep them busy halfway through 
  • Bird first aid kit 
  • A mini cooler with some healthy bird chop or their favourite veggies 


Shorter road trips require less planning and are much more easygoing.

  1. Bring a collapsable food and water bowl for your dog.
  2. Bring a big water bottle.
  3. Pack some treats and dry food.
  4. Bring some toys - especially a ball or frisbee if your stopping in at the park, a beach, etc. 
  5. Don’t forget your dog's harness leash and poop bags. 
  6. Store a pet first aid kit in the car. 
  7. Avoid car sickness, if your dog gets it, by bringing them on an empty stomach but ensure they have access to water at all times
  8. A big enough carrier for your bird with a perch or 2, toys, and their food and water bowls.

Your pets get hungry during road trips just like you do and they don’t have a backpack full of munchies so you need to pack one for them. I mentioned treats and dry food like kibble or dogs or pellets for parrots but here are some snack ideas that won’t spoil on during a short or even longer road trip!


  • Kibble
  • Freeze-dried treats like chicken, liver, beef, etc.
  • Safe fruits - Lambo’s favourite are blueberries and apples (no skin, no core, no seeds) - make sure to wash them well before packing them.
  • Wet food in a can or packet by a brand you trust and your dog likes.
  • Your dogs favourite treatos.

  • Pellets
  • Millet spray (can be messy but road trips usually are)
  • Nuts - cashews, almonds, walnut, pistachios, etc.
  • Birdie Travel Trail Mix
  • Safe fruits - Mango’s favourite and easy to have on a road trip are bananas, apples (no skin, no core, no seeds), and oranges.
  • On the go or once you check into your accommodation since chop will spoil you can bring on hand; a can of chickpeas or your birds favourite beans, dry whole-grain pasta, red pepper, and baby carrots. You could opt to bring a little cooler as well to store the fruits and veggies a little longer or even a bit of healthy homemade chop! 
You can always pack a small or larger cooler for the car ride and fill it with food for the whole squad (including you)! Our road trip was a success, we packed everything and were well prepared. Mango was quiet and well behaved, he did very well! Lambo also did well but he had a little bit of travel anxiety. I administered Bach’s Rescue Remedy for pets and this worked wonders for him. He was able to calm down, enjoy the ride and sleep. 

Safe travels everybirdy!