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Sandra November 10, 2022

The Best Gifts for Dogs

It's up to us hoomans to pick out the best toys and treats for our furry companions! They have no way of letting us know what they want to get from Santa Paws, but I have a list for you of gifts that will have their tails wagging and bring them oh, so much joy this holiday season! These gift ideas are not just for the holidays but can be used for inspiration for their bark day, gotcha day, valentines (I love you so much day) or any other time we want to spoil our furry BFFs!

Doggy Robe

Snuffle Mat

Kong Balls

Healthy Treats

Pillow and Blanket Set

On The Go Water Bottle

Cozy Sweaters (PJs, or Jackets)

Interactive Toys

Cozy Car Seat

Calming Dog Bed