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Sandra June 21, 2022

Why You Shouldn't Sleep With Your Bird

Did you know that sharing your bed with your bird at night can be dangerous for their health and safety? When owners bring their birds to bed at night, it can sometimes result in their feathered companion's death. :(

It's essential to make sure your bird has their own space for "sleep time." Their cage or aviary is the perfect sleep spot with a selection of perches they can perch on for sleep. It is natural for birds to sleep standing and even on one foot!

We know how adorable and heart-melting it is when our conures get nestled into our necks, shirts, hair, or hands for a little nappy! But taking your bird to bed does not mimic nature, and while you are fast asleep, they may get intertwined in the bedsheets beneath the weight of your body and suffocate. I cannot imagine the horror and big heartbreak of waking up in the morning to a lifeless bird. 💔

Birds are pretty flexible therefore it would take a bit of pressure to break them but it's possible to prevent them from being able to breathe. This is because a bird's respiratory system is unique.

How bird's breath:
They have to decisively expand their chest to make room for the expansion of their air sacs to draw breath. Without the ability to make room for air, they suffocate – even if their head and nares were free and exposed. 

Not only are there physically dangerous aspects to sharing your bed with your bird, but you are also creating a bird that's insecure with a range of behavioural issues. A bird can become fearful when they don't have the safety of its humans, and you don't want to create that kind of stress for your bird or yourself. 

We should be putting our birds in their cages for the night with 12 hours of dark, quiet and uninterrupted sleep time. Don't bring your bird to bed with you; the consequences can be devasting. 

Stay smooth 🥜