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Sandra December 04, 2020

Dog Birthday Celebration Ideas

Our dogs give us unconditional love, affection, and loyalty, so to return the favor it only seems appropriate to celebrate their birthday with lots of fun surprised, and spoiling them! We welcome each December with Christmas spirit and Lambo’s Birthday! We love making him feel extra special every day but try to make his birthday extra extra special. Read on for some easy and SUPAW CUTE ways to make your dog's birthday the best bark-day ever!

Choose the pawfect present

Our dogs are spoiled on a daily basis but their birthdays are actually a legitimate reason to spoil the bones out of them! Whether your pooch prefers tennis balls, Kongs, or squeaky toys, there's no better reason than their birthday to browse amazon, online pet shops, or the local pet store to find them the best gifts. Interactive toys like the snuffle mats make excellent gifts! Even an interactive ball that can be stuffed with treats! These types of interactive toys will keep your doggy busy, excited and engaged for longer periods.

Make them feel like SU-PAW-STAR with some fun decor!

Balloons and streamers are standard birthday party decor but there are also lots of doggy-themed banners, balloons, and fun decor. You can buy them online or at the party store but if you are crafty or a Pinterest expert you can make them yourself! We bought an adorable Happy Birthday banner at the local party store!

Pupcakes for your furry friend

What’s a birthday without cake and treats? Nowadays we can find dog-friendly cake mix boxes to bake a doggy cake or cupcakes! You can make a delicious frosting with cream cheese, peanut butter, or mashed banana. You could also find a recipe online and make your own with some every day (dog-friendly) baking ingredients like eggs, applesauce, and whole wheat flour. You can even blend in shredded veggies like carrots for a boost of nutrients!

Offer their favorite treats or a stuffed Kong!

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t accept a delicious treat dipped in some natural peanut butter! (IMPORTANT! -> Always make sure there is no xylitol in the peanut butter you get for your dogs!!) If you don’t feel like baking or don't have an oven you can give your dog their favorite treat dipped in peanut butter or plain natural yogurt. You could also make them a yummy FROYO by mixing equal parts of plain yogurt and peanut butter and sticking it in the freezer for a couple of hours. I like to stuff this mixture inside of a kong for Lambo, he LOVES IT! And it keeps him engaged for about 20 minutes! You could also try some other Kong recipes with ingredients you have available from the Kong company website.

For Lambo’s Birthday, I made him the “Apple Cheddar Pupcakes” recipe.

Dress up for the occasion

There's nothing cuter than a pup in a cute outfit and a party hat! If your dog won’t keep a hat on there are tons of birthday bandanas you can get! Are you the creative type? You could get some birthday fabric and sow your own bandana or make a party hat with construction paper in a cone shape and some tape, topped with a pom-pom! Last year I got a party hat from the party store for Lambo it was a little big so this year I ordered a little birthday cake hat that was PAWFECT! He was one festive pupper.

Take them out to the dog park

We all know how much our dogs love running around, getting their energy out, and fetching awesome toys! Did you doggo get a new ball or frisbee for their bark day? Take them out to the dog park or any open field that they can run around and put the new toy to the test. Even without a toy, they will have a ton of fun running around the dog park with our doggies or chasing squirrels.

Throw a pupper pawty and invite the squad

“Hey, shawty it’s your birthday, we gonna pawty like it’s your birthday” insert dance moves here Invite the dog squad over for a fun afternoon of running, playing, sniffing snacks, tails wagging, and pawsitively big smiles to celebrate their fur friends barkday! Make sure there are lots of water bowls for everypawdy to stay hydrated and portioned treats so no one gets an upset tummy. Always make sure to supervise your dog and all the doggies too, we never want a fight to break out on a fun day!

Play games

What do dogs love to do? Eat, play, sleep, repeat. So, there is no doubt that they are going to love a good play session. Lambo loves when we chase him (kind of like tag but we are always IT), he also loves to fetch and just goofing around. Training is also a form of play in disguise because they get treats while having bonding time with you, so that’s fun right?!

After a busy and stimulating day, don’t forget to let them take a birthday nap! Surely after all the fun and excitement, they are going to be pooped!

Happy Barkday to all the sweet pooches out there! Have a paw-some day!