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Sandra October 21, 2022

Signs That Your Parrot Likes You

Parrots are amazing birds, and they are unique pets. They are pretty different than a furry companion and are very intelligent. They are very good at communicating their needs and likes/dislikes - as bird parents; we must learn how to understand them!

Want to know if your bird likes you? If they do these things, they definitely like you --- better yet, love you!

Cuddle with you

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a parrot likes you. Parrots are pretty affectionate birds. They will show this affection to those that are bonded with. So if you find that your parrot is cuddling in your hand, climbing around your body, or cuddling into your neck to take a nap or hang out, it means they feel safe and happy with you!

Grind their beaks

Sometimes when they are cuddling or taking a nap in your neck or hair, you'll hear beak grinding; they are clicking sounds they make with their beaks. If your bird is making these beak sounds around you, it's a sign that they are in a relaxed state, meaning that they trust you enough to be this relaxed. How cute! They also make these sounds when they are going to sleep.

They flap or stretch their wings 

Parrots communicate with body language. They flap their wings to fly as a form of exercise and use them to communicate. If a parrot is flapping their wings while staying in one place, this could display happiness or trying to get your attention. If a parrot stretches one wing out while looking in your direction, this indicates that they are happy to see you.

Preening aka Cleaning

Parrots preen themselves regularly to clean themselves. However, parrots will not preen themselves unless they are comfortable in their surroundings.
They also enjoy getting scritches, aka help preening their head and neck area, from their companions, whether other birds or humans. So if you find a parrot preening its feathers in your company or enjoying scritches, it's safe to say they trust you.

They groom you!

They return the favour of getting groomed by grooming you! It may sound funny, and it's adorable, but it is something they will do if they like you. Be mindful that preening and biting are two different things! Biting is hard and aggressive, and it hurts! Not a sign that they like you... however, preening is much gentler than biting. If you notice that your parrot is preening your hair, ear, beard, or anything else on your body, that's another sign that they like you.

Relaxed body posture

If your bird has a relaxed body posture, it is a good sign that they are comfortable in your presence and like you.

Hang upside down

Parrots are very playful and hang upside down for different reasons, but if you see your bird hanging upside down around you, this is a great sign!
In the wild, birds are vulnerable when hanging upside down, so it means that they feel comfortable, content and good around you.

They talk, sing, whistle or chatter to you or scream with excitement

When birds are angry, scared, or upset, they may vocalize but generally won't be pleasant. If a parrot talks to you, sings, or whistles in your presence, this is a good sign that they are content and happy. Parrots are very vocal and make lots of different noises - if they scream with excitement (and you'll recognize the difference) when you come home or walk into a room, they like you! Chattering can often be very quiet and sound somewhat like a purr. If your parrot is chattering, they are probably trying to connect and interact with you.

They smile!

You can tell and feel when your bird is happy. You can also a little smile on their beaks when they are super content - it is the cutest thing on this planet! Sometimes they will also smile while squinting their eyes.

They want to play with you

If your bird wants to play with you and gently nibbles your hands or signals they want to play in other ways, it means they like you. Parrots are weary of strangers and may hang out on a perch or your shoulder around other people and won't want to play. They do this with those they feel comfortable with.

Contact calling 

If your parrot "calls" you when you are not in the room, they seek your attention. Parrots often engage in what is known as "contact calling" in the wild. Contact calling is a way of reaching out to their partners, letting them know where they are, and letting their partners know they are safe.

They mimic you

Parrots are incredibly social creatures and will try to fit in with you as much as possible. So if your bird mimics your behaviour or speech, they are fond of you!

They make eye contact with you

When a parrot is nervous or shy, direct eye contact can make them feel threatened or frightened. Therefore, birds will usually not make eye contact unless they are comfortable.

They bite others

Ahhh! This is the most unpleasant way for a parrot to show that they like you and definitely shouldn't be encouraged behaviour. If your parrot attempts to bite or attack other people in your presence, it probably means that they are territorial over you. Parrots can bond with one person, and they don't like when other people take that person's attention away. Sometimes, the result can be aggressive behaviour toward other people. Again, this negative behaviour should be worked on through training.

They enjoy your company

If you find that a parrot is following you around the house and wants your attention, they like you. However, if you are not receiving signs that a parrot is happy in your presence, always listen to their cues.

Many other signs signify that a parrot likes you, but I haven't mentioned them here because those are problematic behaviours to analyze, as they can also mean different things.