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Sandra January 20, 2021

The 10 Best Interactive Dog Toys

Some of the most popular interactive dog toys are treated toys. This combines entertainment with the excitement of discovering their favorite treat inside the toy. If your dog is constantly at your feet or bored and getting into your quarantine stock up of toilet paper then they need some new dog toys! Provide them with toys that are engaging and interactive and they will be sure to give you a break (without you needing to grab a Kit Kat bar… get it? Haha!)

Toys, toys, toys. Sometimes a dog just needs an interactive one! Okay so, I won’t lie Lambo is spoiled rotten. So, he has a lot of toys to choose from on a day to day basis but I have a secret stash of special toys - it’s the mommy stash.

An interactive dog toy is any type of toy that is mentally and physically stimulating for your dog. The purpose of these toys is different from all their other toys which encourage chewing and physical play. Interactive dog toys use treats to encourage dogs to use them and keeps them busy for long periods and we also know food (aka treats) is a big motivator for dogs.

We like to use interactive toys during the day if we are busy and Lambo is looking for some fun, it helps to prevent boredom, keeps him entertained and some can even exercise your dog too. We also use interactive toys to keep him busy when we are out of the house and distracted from missing us too much (see also: separation anxiety). The interactive toy is more interesting and it has something valuable inside for him, a tasty treat!

Why should I give my dog interactive toys?

  • Promotes exercise
  • Dtimulates the mind
  • Keeps the dog entertained while you are away/busy/need to get work done
  • Promotes a healthy weight
  • Prevents unwanted behavior
What dog toys should I get? Which dog toys are best? Read on for our top 10 list!

10. Outward Hog/Busy Bees interactive toy

A log with holes to stuff with tiny squeaky toy squirrels for your dog to sniff out. Or a bee hiive with little, cute, and squeaky bees! The bonus is that the little stuffed animals are perfect for fetch.

9. Hyboy treat dispensing dog toy

This treat-dispensing ball is carefully designed to prevent too many treats from coming out at once, extending the fun and preventing over-eating.

8. Busy Buddy calming toy

This one is perfect for the anxious dog, this toy is important for two reasons. It challenges your dog by slowly releasing kibble sized treats as your dog rolls it around but at the same time is soothing with a calming chamomile scent.

7. Nina Ottosson Treat Maze

This toy is great for independent play, although you can also toss it to your dog. You can fill it with treats or a healthy kibble to keep them entertained for a while!

6. Snuffle/Foraging Mats

It is a mind simulation game for dogs and encourages smell stimulation in them. You hide treats or kibble in the mat and it motivates your dog to work his smell senses and find the food himself. It’s also a great mental stimulation tool for them. Lambo loves these snuffle mats and usually keeps him busy for 10-20 minutes and then after all that hard work with a full belly he proceeds to nap.

5. Ballistic Hide 'n Treat by Kong

The Ballistic relies on Velcro to keep its treats inside. This toy is ideal for small-to-medium dogs and they can work on getting it open to get to the goodies inside.

4. Dog Bite Resistant/Teething Toy Ball

This rubber toy is Lambo’s favorite! He goes crazy over this ball and it's so versatile. You can fill it with treats or even kibble if that’s something your dog likes to create a puzzle your dog can solve while also chasing it around as it rolls away. You can also use this ball to play a traditional game of fetch and the ball bounces too! PS. Your dog does not need to be teething to enjoy this toy!

3. iFetch Ball Launcher

A great way to get your dog to exercise and have some fun! This gadget will launch a ball for your dog. And don't worry about having to get the balls yourself because most dogs will figure out how to bring them back and drop them into the launcher on their own or you can speed up the process by helping train your dog to do it themselves.

2. Kong Wobbler

The unique feature of the KONG Wobbler is the unexpected bounce that will keep your pooch entertained while trying to get the goods inside of it. The polymer used in the toy is both food-grade and extremely durable, you just need to unscrew the top to fill it with your dog’s favorite treats.

1. Kong Classic

These last forever and there are so many ways you can stuff a kong with anything from peanut butter and plain yogurt to beef and pumpkin. In the summer months or hotter days you can also put it in the freezer for a couple of hours and you have froyo that’s a refreshing cool-down treat! When you freeze the kong is keep the fun going for longer!

Lambo’s favorite simple Kong Recipe:

  1. Equal parts plain yogurt and natural peanut butter I.e 2 spoonfuls of each
  2. Stir the 2 ingredients together
  3. Fill the Kong and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes
  4. Top with your dog’s favorite cookie treat (Lambo loves Riley’s organics biscuit bones in any flavor)

Features to Consider

  • Size: Always check the recommended size of the dog when thinking about buying an interactive dog toy: small toys for large dogs pose a threat of choking, and small dogs simply won’t be able to fully enjoy a toy designed for larger breeds. For example, the Kong classic L or XL would not be suitable for Lambo he loves the S and can manage with the M.

  • Durability: Always consider your pup’s chewing habits and the material of the toy.

  • Safety: If your dog is prone to allergies, always inspect the toy to see which materials were used in it. Moreover, try to avoid toys where your dog can bite off a piece of plastic or something that would be harmful to them.

  • Fun: Most importantly, the interactive toy you pick for your dog should be fun. Make sure you are choosing a toy that your dog will find interesting. Don’t be shy to try a few, I was surprised how much Lambo likes each of his for different reasons!