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Sandra May 03, 2023

Should I Get a Conure If I Travel? Tips and Considerations

I love getting questions and messages from all of you on Youtube, Instagram and via Email! Whenever a question pops up that I get asked frequently or I think will be helpful to others or just requires a longer answer, I find it easier to just turn it into a blog for all of y'all! 😀

So, I got this question from Julie:
Hi 👋 . I just loving watching your posts with your birds, they are so beautiful and of course your dog. Our family is considering getting a sun conure. The only thing that is stopping us is what to do with holidays... so I was hoping to pick your brain on what you do about this. Knowing if I find someone that would be happy to look after it but I'm sure they wouldn't let it out and then scared it will be super loud for them cause it will be bored and so used to being out of the cage. So these are my worries. So I would love to hear from you to get some advice if you have it 🙏🥰
There's a lot to consider here! So here's my take on it!✈️

Getting a parrot is a long-term commitment that requires a lot of time, attention, and care. If you like to travel frequently, it may not be the best idea to get a parrot. Parrots are highly social animals that require daily interaction and mental stimulation. They can become stressed, anxious, and even depressed if left alone for long periods, or it can result in behavioural problems such as feather plucking, screaming, and aggression. Therefore, it's important to make sure your bird has plenty of stimulation and interaction, even when you're away on holiday.

Of course, lots of people have pets and take vacations! So, it's totally doable - we do it! I love to travel, and every now and then, I need a holiday to unwind and relax too! I will admit that I spend a lot of time preparing for a trip with not only my own errands, to-do's, itinerary and packing but also preparing our pet sitter(s), getting everything ready for our bird and dog, having our pet sitter guide filled out, cleaning, organizing (food, treats, games, entertainment, toys, cage, schedule, etc.) But the good news: once it's all done, VACAY AWAITS!🤩 

The best option is to find a trusted friend or family member who can care for your conure while you're away. It's important to make sure the caregiver is comfortable with handling birds and knows how to provide proper care, such as feeding, water changes, cleaning up after your bird, interacting with them, and handling them with love and care - try to keep their routine the same as much as possible. I also like to get new toys for my birds before a trip away and set up the cage with new toys, foraging opportunities and fun things to do! Provide your sitter with a list of your bird's favourite activities, do's, dont's, and so on for out the cage time while you are away to keep them entertained, happy and exercised. It's a good idea to have the caregiver come over and spend time with your bird before you leave to make sure they get along and your bird is comfortable with them. Doing some training is also beneficial.

It's also important to ensure your bird is well-socialized with other humans to prevent issues, biting, etc. And to ensure that they aren't stuck in their cage for your entire trip - imagine how that would feel; I would go cage crazy! And... some birds do.

It's important to remember that sun conures can be loud and vocal, especially when they're bored or stressed. You can help minimize this by providing plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied, as well as a comfortable and familiar environment. You can also consider using calming music to help drown out any loud noises that might disturb your bird while you're away. It's always better to have a live-in caregiver for your pets so someone is there with them more than not.

This Pet Sitter Guide will help ensure you don't forget anything and leave your bird sitter with all the info they need to take the best care of your feathered friend!❤️

While it's possible to travel and own a parrot, it requires a lot of planning and preparation and may not be suitable for everyone's lifestyle. Overall, it's important to plan ahead and make sure your sun conure has proper care and socialization, even when you're away on holiday. With proper planning and care, you can ensure that your bird is happy, healthy, and in good hands when you are away. 

Getting any new pet is a life change, routine change and adjustment, but they bring a lot of joy and love with those changes! I do always say that having conures is a lot like having a flying toddler with dinosaur qualities!😂

Don't forget to check out my video on How-To Prep a Pet Sitter if you are planning a vacation!

I would also like to note that international travel is a lot more difficult with birds, especially because they require CITES, lots of paperwork, planning, and not all airlines accept birds. And the ones that do are usually in cargo - which can be very stressful for birds, especially smaller ones like conures and sadly, I have heard stories that the stress results in death. 

Overall, it's a lot to think about, but I hope this is helpful for you and your family in making the decision of whether a sun conure is the right pet for you! 😀