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Sandra November 20, 2020

What To Give A Dog With An Upset Tummy

Whenever your fur baby isn’t feeling well it’s heartbreaking! If Lambo isn’t feeling well and has an upset stomach or can’t go to the bathroom properly I use a few natural remedies to help him feel better and they work like a gem every time!

The first time Lambo had an upset tummy with diarrhea I put him on a diet of plain cooked chicken with a little bit of the chicken broth. And the first time he had constipation I gave him good ol' plain yogurt. These natural real foods worked wonders for his symptoms, within 1-2 days he was back to his happy self. I was delighted! This was also one of the many reasons that sparked my interest in introducing more home-cooked foods to him.

Real food is made with LOVE.

If your dog is not feeling well with an upset stomach or vomiting and/or diarrhea put them on a bland food diet. Offer your cute doggy small doses of bland foods like boiled chicken, cooked brown rice, pumpkin, and even plain cooked oats. As your dog begins to hold food down, you can start giving them bigger portions. I would recommend sticking to this bland diet for a few days until you notice your furry friend is back to their normal self and in good spirits. 


If your dog is having a hard time dropping a number 2 try a bland food diet like chicken and brown rice but don't forget the veggies that will include some fibre and important nutrients to move things along. Some great options are green peas, pumpkin, zucchini or asparagus. Remember to puree the veggies for your doggy. You can also offer them a small serving of plain natural yogurt. 

Plain yogurt is good for introducing healthy bacteria to your dog’s gut. Probiotics are excellent for fighting off viruses and other illnesses that may be hanging around in the digestive tract. Additionally, probiotics are great for increasing brain function and raising energy levels, helping to combat symptoms of an upset stomach like lethargy. *BUT if they are having diarrhea, avoid the dairy until they have solid poops again. This is a good option for constipation. 


If Lambo ever has diarrhea or has vomited I offer him plain boiled chicken with a little bit of brown rice.  Alternatively, I also offer the plain cooked chicken with cooked oats. I like to give it to him when it's slightly warm because I am sure it is comforting for him and soothes the belly as well. 

What do you have when you are not feeling well whether it's a seasonal cold or an upset stomach? Chicken noodle soup! You can also offer a doggy very of chicken-no noodle-soup. I like to add plain boiled chicken, a spoonful or two of cooked brown rice, a little bit of the chicken broth, and some pureed veggies like a small chunk of carrot and celery. Lambo LOVES this. After a few days, you should notice your pooch feeling better. I find it usually takes a couple of days of the bland diet for poops to regulate and for your dog to feel well again.

TIP: You can also add some turmeric into the meals! As a rule of thumb, 15 to 20 mg of turmeric per pound of body weight is the recommended dog dosage. That is roughly ¼ teaspoon for every 10 pounds.

Last but not least give your fur baby lots of love and time for rest. If they have diarrhea make sure to take them out for shorter walks more often throughout the day so they can relieve themselves if needed. When your dog feels ill you need to allow them to get plenty of rest and relax so their immune system can have the energy to help them fight off whatever is bothering them. Just like us, they crave rest, sleep, and affection when they don’t feel well. 

Please be aware that if your dog’s symptoms are getting worse, you notice blood in the stool, they are vomiting for more than a day, or they have any other usual symptoms you should consult with your vet immediately.